Laughter, Hiccups, and Pain

I kept Diva home with me today. When I picked her up yesterday, her teacher told me she’d been really cranky all day and had actually fallen asleep right in the middle of lunch. And yes, I  found out firsthand about the crankiness within minutes of picking her up. Too bad I had to go to the pharmacy (forgot to take my BP med yesterday, because Hello? I was out!) and the grocery store right after.

She was completely ill in the store until a lady trying to get a can from the top shelf managed to pull several down by accident. When all the cans hit the floor, Monkey rushed over to help her pick them up (sweet kid) and Diva just laughed. It was a little laugh at first, that probably only I heard…but then she started roaring with laughter. The lady looked up at her, and thought it was the cutest thing ever. She reached up for another can and three more fell AGAIN (I’m thinking somebody stocked the shelf very poorly) and Diva went off again. She laughed so hard she got the hiccups. The lady still thought this was just the funniest thing ever, and told me that she’d keep knocking cans down if she knew it would make her laugh like that. The stockboy was coming down the aisle, so we decided that definitely wasn’t a good idea ) It took ten minutes before Diva completely stopped laughing.

Last night, though, she got really cranky and I noticed she kept messing with her ear. Her skin felt warm, so I checked her temp…101. Lovely. I saw little bitty scratches in her ear from her nails. I’m guessing ear infection…wow, we haven’t had one of those in a LONG time. I dug out the numbing drops, which she really bucked. Poor kid doesn’t like anything going in or near her ears…guess I would be the same way if I’d had nine ear infections, multiple loops, and a set of tubes before I was 9 months old. I could tell the drops helped though, because she soon left the ear alone. Her temp had come down before bedtime, but she was up at 11 pm saying she couldn’t lay down. I gave her some motrin and more numbing drops (which she again bucked) and she finally went back to bed.

This morning, we have no temp and she hasn’t complained of her ear hurting at all. I’m looking for the bottle of antibiotic drops that I know we have somewhere in this house. I’ve already raided one cabinet, so I’m hoping it’s in the other one.


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