Well, since I couldn’t really go anywhere today, I did some online Christmas shopping. So I can now cross off my mom, my mother-in-law, my husband, Monkey’s teacher, and all the  Santa stuff from my shopping list. James still has to get his cousin, his nephew, and the dads’ gifts. I should only have my brother/new sister-in-law, and whatever little gifts pop up (like daycare gift exchange, church exchange…which I never find out about until last minute.)

I have spent the afternoon corresponding with my cousin’s wife. She is a graphic designer, and one of her things is designing cards. I have already asked her to make my family’s Christmas card this year, once I finally get off my duff and take the picture for it.  What I was talking to her about today is the card featuring the little girls from November. The mom has decided to use a black and white photo, but the card she’s chosen is more for a sepia photo…so trying to get that worked out for her.

Diva hasn’t run any more fever. For a while, her cough was sounding better…but she was hacking a few minutes ago. She had been asleep, so maybe that was why it sounded so rough. I’m supposed to charge this week, so missing work tomorrow isn’t much of an option…


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