Oh, well.

I’m not getting the job. I think it was near the beginning of this week that I had started to feel like it wasn’t going to happen…too much time had passed since the interview. So even though I had pretty much accepted that I probably wasn’t getting the job that was perfect for me, it was still hard to hear it for sure today. Apparently, one of the case managers on an adult floor decided she wasn’t happy where she was and asked for the open position that I interviewed for. I understand that the manager had to offer it to someone already in the department first, that’s usually the way it works in the whole hospital. The person that told me this said that if the new C.M. wasn’t happy on our floor either, the position might be offered to me again. Whatever. At this point, I’m just really frustrated…it would have been nice to know this a week ago, instead of keeping my hopes up that I was going to get the job. I looked at the job postings later. There’s two openings with the kind of hours that I would like to have, but I’m not sure if I’m exactly cut out for that type of unit. A friend of mine told me that she knew several people in the other unit, and they all seemed happy there. I don’t know, I might go for it.

I am disappointed about the whole thing, I won’t lie and say that I’m not. It just wasn’t meant to happen.


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