On Transformers and Nyquil

I just love Ny*quil. That stuff is wonderful. I’m looking quite forward to it again tonight, actually.

I’ve been trying to get sick all week…well, not really trying, but you know what I mean. I have barely been able to drag myself out of bed to go to work since Monday. I woke up late every day, and had to rush off to get there on time. It was my week to charge the unit so calling out sick wasn’t much of an option.

Wednesday was originally my day off, and I had a photo thing set up that morning…well, that fell through, and me being off had made A be in charge alone for the first time ever. So I called and told them I’d come in, let A charge the unit and I’d work the nursery so I could back her up. I remember the first time I had to charge; “Bev’s not here, Mar’s not here, you’re in charge.” and that was it. I had to wing it on my own and it really was bad. I don’t want that to happen to A. and D…who are now in the position that I was in two years ago. A. was quite surprised when she walked in and saw me there Wednesday morning, but admitted to me that she had been very worried about being on her own. Call it my good deed of the week and it’s a little extra money for me to boot.

Yesterday at work, though, I felt awful. I’d already had to send home a secretary for coming in sick, and had been catching whispers from a nurse that was saying she might have to leave. So I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. Someone gave me some cold medicine, and that helped ever so slightly…I later downed 4 ibuprofens to make the pounding in my head stop. (And yeah, everyone always gets on my case b/c I take that many at a time. Just trust me that the recommended dose of 2 ibuprofens no longer works since last year I was taking so much to get me through until my  surgery. And no, my stomach is not all messed up because I only have to take the stuff maybe once every couple months these days.)

When I finally got home last night, I was less than thrilled to walk in and hear four yelling children instead of the usual two. Somehow my nephews ended up staying with us for a few hours last night, and even though all I wanted to do was take my Ny*quil and go to bed, I had to stay up listening to Transformers, three rowdy boys, and one annoyed little girl who just wanted to play with them. I was almost to the breaking point when my in-laws finally got her to pick them up.

Oh, and I actually watched the Transformers movie this morning…Josh and Shia are worth seeing this flick, since I could honestly care less about the rest of it…


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