It’s been a busy week. I missed two days of work because of taking Diva having bronchitis and a mild ear infection. I finally went back on Thursday. I was glad to get back…I was getting ready to pull out my hair. She’s a trying little girl, on a good day…imagine when she’s sick and cranky. Not fun.

We’ve ended up babysitting my nephews twice this week, and we have another evening with them next week. I love my nephews to pieces, but damn. Put them and my two rugrats together and you have complete bedlam.

Tonight was my husband’s family Christmas party. I was already nervous enough about it, because it has been raining all day long…meaning the kids wouldn’t be able to go outside and run off some of their energy and not driving their great grandmother batty.  If she doesn’t want all the little kids running around her house, then why does she insist on having Christmas there? I (and I suspect the other mothers there) was on edge, probably getting on to my kids more than I should have because I didn’t want to tick off Granny. I was more than ready to leave by 7 pm…we didn’t manage to get out of there until 8 pm.

Crowded House

I came home and fiddle around in photoshop a while…and came up with a potential Christmas card. My cousin’s wife was supposed to do one for me, but that might not work out. I kinda like what I came up with, so I may end up using it instead.

Tomorrow after church, I have to take Diva to a birthday party.

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