Did you hear that poor soul over there coughing and hacking like they were about to lose a vital organ? Yeah, sorry but that was me. I am sick sick sick. I started with a little tickle in my throat Friday that was not much of anything. By Monday it had become a little more of a cough. By the time I left work Wednesday night, I had coughed so much that my chest and back hurt, my throat felt raw, and my head and ears ached. All day yesterday, I kept a 99 – 99.8 temp…which might not sound like a big deal, but considering that I usually run 96 (97 tops) it made me feel like fever. But I was charge and we were getting admits out the wazoo, so I knew I wouldn’t be going anywhere. I just kept to myself as much as possible and made assignments and such. And shot dirty looks at everyone who came to me and said they wanted to go home.

This morning, I felt horrible. But I had already rescheduled Monkey’s dentist appointment once and I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to get another one before he goes back to school, so I took him. And found out he will have to have another tooth pulled on January 16. Darn his small mouth with no room. Took him to lunch and then came home. Luckily, he’s my kid that I can take a nap around…because about 3:30 pm I started feeling much worse. I called my husband to pick up Diva, made sure Monkey was set up with a movie and I dozed off and on for the next two hours.

I still feel rough. My mom has just gotten over the flu. Now my dad has the flu. My brother has just developed the coughing. My husband said he’s just going to call his doctor tomorrow and get some medicine just for the heck of it, because he’s sure he’s next…


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