Back from the edge!

Christmas 2007Whew! I have looked forward to Christmas for a month…now I’m so very glad that it is now over with.

We  had Christmas with the in-laws Saturday. It was a loud, busy affair that left me completely worn out…and I was still pretty darn yucky feeling too.

I had to work yesterday, so as soon as I got off work I headed for my parents’ house to have Christmas with them. Don’t remember if I mentioned it, but my mom has been sicker than me for over a week now. I think it was a missed diagnosis…they were treating her for bronchitis (b/c that’s what my daughter and I both have had…how stupid) but she and I are both pretty sure she actually had the flu. I tried to get her to call the doctor back and ask for some T*amiflu, but she is stubborn and wouldn’t call. Then my dad got sick a few days later…but he’s over it now. For the record, I’m mostly better…I just still have this incredibly irritating cough that won’t go away. Oh, and I still sound like Stevie Nicks when I talk.

Anyway…by the time we got home, it was almost 10:30 pm. My husband started making Santa’s cookies while I took the kids outside to sprinkle their reindeer food on the lawn. Once we got the cookies and milk put out, it took us almost an hour to get them settled down and in the bed…it took me “finding” Santa in Florida on the Norad tracker and saying he was almost here and they’d better get to bed…they took off running and neither of them got up again! Then mom and dad were up until 2 am getting the stuff ready. Santa doesn’t wrap gifts here, and actually he gets most of it out of the packages (or at least makes it easy to get out the next morning) so that the kids can get right down to playing when they wake up. I never realize that I’ve probably gone overboard until we are playing Santa. They both got way too much, and I’ll be tripping over it all in their rooms soon.

JB got a Garmin from me. It’s not what he told me he wanted, but I noticed that everytime we walked by any GPS display he would gawk at a particular one. So I got it, and he was so shocked. (I tend to forget half of what he mentions during the year, because he wants pretty much everything.) He got a ton of Jack Daniels stuff from his family…which I find a little odd, considering he doesn’t drink…one of the gifts was an enormous poster which has already been forbidden to hang in my house. Garage, maybe? lol And some sort of attachment for a leaf blower that he wanted from my parents.

Me…I am planning a shopping spree soon since I now have gift cards for Tar-jay and JCP’s to spend. I just spent up the Itunes gift card my brother gave me. Mama gave me some earrings and a necklace to match (my new sis-in-law always gets the same exact thing too…we joke about it a lot). I have a sort of IOU for a new Vera Bradley bag…it was promised before Christmas but didn’t arrive in time, so Mama was upset that she can’t give it to me yet. I don’t care, I was excited anyway…i have wanted this bag for ages! My biggie gifts really surprised me…my husband gave me a new little tote around  camera to replace the one that got hosed at the beach a few months ago! I guess I’ve said too many times how much I missed that little thing…the new one is not exactly the same, but it’s a lot like it so I don’t have to totally relearn how to work it. And…he gave me a portrait lens for my big camera! I was super excited about that one.

Tomorrow, the kids are heading back to daycare for a while so I can clean the house and wash the mountain of new clothes that we all got. I guess I’ll head to bed now…I’ve been putting it off because I now once I get good and comfy I’ll start hacking and coughing as usual…


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