The Nose

Okay, remember the rock incident from November? We really thought after that, Diva had learned her lesson to not stick random things up in her nose. She hasn’t even attempted it since then, so I hoped it was just a one time thing.

Tonight, however, she came flying out of her room, screaming that her nose hurt. At first I assumed that maybe she had fallen and bumped her nose. I got suspicious when she wouldn’t let me look at it, and she kept putting her hands over her nose every time I tried to get a peek…something told me there was something up in there.

J. came in from the garage after hearing me struggle with her trying to get a look (and well, the kid was still hollering.) Just like before, we pretty much both had to hold her down, and finally J.  caught a glimpse of a bead. Naturally, we can’t take her to the doctor at night and I was not about to let it just sit overnight, so I decided we needed to take her to the ER.

Monkey started freaking out. He didn’t want his sister to have to go to the ER, because they might hurt her. (Yes, now I realize how sweet it is that he was that concerned about his little sister, but at the time I couldn’t handle him crying his eyes out and her still screaming that her nose hurt all at the same time.) I quickly called my dad, and asked if I could drop Monkey off with them, and sent him off to get his shoes and jacket. We got in my Jeep and backed out of the driveway, with the intention of meeting J. at the hospital after I dropped him off…then I see my husband waving frantically from the back door.

After pulling back in the garage, I rushed inside, to find him holding a pink bead in a paper towel. Apparently, she sniffed it back so far that she was actually able to spit it out. You cannot imagine how much the thought of that grosses me out…and I’m sort of glad I wasn’t the parent who got to see that happen. We looked again, to make sure that was the only bead…it was. I don’t even know where she got it, because it doesn’t look like a bead from any of her bracelets or necklaces.


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