Just another Sunday

Today’s been pretty busy, at least for me.

After church it was a trip to the big store for groceries. I have not been to this store since right before Thanksgiving, since it tends to get crazy there during the holiday season. As a result, there was a lot of stuff that we needed.

Then it was numerous loads of laundry that had to be done before I go back to work tomorrow. I have just now put the final load in the washer!

In between loads, I drove my husband’s huge truck out to my parents house with an old TV in the back. This was the first time I have ever driven this truck, and I think my hubby was every bit as nervous about it as I was. I was taking the old TV to them because Mama has been wanting to put one in my brother’s old room…now that he’s moved out, she’s turning it into a playroom for the kids. In return, my dad helped me load up my mother’s old curio cabinet. She got a new one a while back, and said I could have the old one. So my afternoon was spent cleaning that up and filling it.

Another thing…my mom gave me my late Christmas present…a Vera Bradley bowler bag! I love it, and it’s already been loaded up for tomorrow!


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