A bit overwhelming…

I observed the childbirth education class yesterday. It was a long day! Probably felt much longer to me because I wasn’t really doing anything most of the time, just sitting there. I had been told to get there about 45 minutes early so that I could watch everything get set up…I did, but most of it was already done. Apparently, J is a little OCD about how she sets up for her classes and got there at like 7 am to get started. At least I was able to help put things away later, so I could see what boxes everything came out of and where it is all stored. As far as getting the computer/projector/slide machine set up…as far as I could tell all that is kept in a bag with a jumble of cords…so I’m still at a loss as to how to set all that up. (I’m seriously thinking that when I get a hold of it, and A. tells me its okay, I’m gonna be labeling those suckers.)

As far as the teaching goes, I feel like I can do it. I’ve never been a fan of speaking to large groups of people…but this was a class of 6 couples and it wasn’t so bad. Maybe you are wondering why I know what its like to speak in front of 6 couples when all I was supposed to do was observe? Well, after lunch was the hospital tour…and J. decided that I could probably tour my unit better than she could since I work there. I did fine with it, but it really put me on the spot and I certainly wasn’t expecting it.

I’ll just have to get all the L/D stuff down pat (most of that is on a power point, thank goodness) and plan how I want my day to go. I wonder how much free reign I’ll have over this…I was mulling over in my head much of the day how I would say things or do something differently. J. is currently the only one teaching the monthly Saturday classes, and she is really hoping I like this because she’s ready to go every other month now. Honestly, though, I almost feel like I need to see somebody else teach a class. I might ask A. if she’ll let me do that once or twice, just to see the things that J.  didn’t teach. She asked the class what sort of things they wanted to learn, and that was about all she taught. Thats all well and good, but what if I have a class that wants to focus on breathing? She didn’t cover that at all. Nor all the different pushing positions. I know they are first time parents are they are already overwhelmed, and maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to just throw everything at them all at once. But they paid for a class, they chose the all day Saturday class for a reason…

I’m not scheduled to teach under observation until March, so I have some time to think about this and figure out what I want to do.

Oh, and I put in a bid for the job Friday…we’ll see how that goes.


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