Little Bit o' Pain

I’m a little concerned here…let me explain why.

This morning, I woke up late, and shot up out of bed to get ready for work. And immediately sat back down on the bed after a pain went stabbing through my side. Actually, it was more like right under my ribs on the right side. I tried to ignore it thinking maybe I pulled something and didn’t realize it. That was at 6 am.

Well, the trek from the parking lot to the building made me realize it was still hurting, and I must have walked in with a hand pressed into my ribs trying to make it stop. Three different nurses automatically said “gall bladder”. I was still thinking it would eventually go away.

I finally saw my doc on the floor around 11 am. I described the pain, told him exactly where it was. He asked about a pulled muscle, but by this time I was convinced it wasn’t that. Moving didn’t necessarily increase the pain. Then he said if ibuprofen and heat didn’t help it today, then I should come in to get my liver enzymes checked, and then if those were okay, the next step would be an ultrasound of the gall bladder.

After dealing with the pain all day, I am finally home, medicated, and best friends with the heating pad. Yeah, so far, none of it is helping! I have a funeral to go to in the morning, and then Monkey has to be at the dentist at 3 pm to have a tooth pulled. So at this moment a trip to the doctor tomorrow is sorta out of the question. If I’m still in pain tomorrow, though, I’ll be calling to get an appointment for Thursday. This scares the crap outta me. I’ve never had problems like this, and I really don’t need them now!


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