Still here

Well, after downing one of my husband’s pain pills last night around 8 pm, I fully expected to be knocked out cold by 9 pm and hopefully pain free. (I’m a pain med baby. Everything knocks me out.) That was so not the case! At 10 pm, the pain got really bad and I felt like I couldn’t take a deep breath without that stabbing pain under my ribs. Unfortunately for me, the pain meds that my husband has for his MS helps him so  much better than anything else he’s tried, so that’s all we have in this house. I’m glad it helps him, but it didn’t do jack for me!

He called his mother, who happened to have a few v*ico*din that she gave me. I took this once before my surgery last September and it was at that time that I found out that stuff with hydrocodone  in it makes me seriously wired…mostly fine during the day, but not good at night. I took one around 11 pm, and set up camp on the couch since I expected to have a long night. That did help the pain, and I noticed that laying on my right side for some reason seemed to help a little too. I slept decently, but I woke up several times (mainly when I took a deep breath).

JB woke me up this morning, and told me that maybe I should skip the funeral and go into the doctor this morning instead of tomorrow. So when the office opened, I called. She is out of town today, so I now have an appointment for 9 am tomorrow. I asked about the liver enzymes check (might as well get that done while I’m there.) and I have to be fasting for that. I’d already nibbled on some toast this morning when I called because I forgot about that part.

I’m still skipping the visitation part before the funeral. I would like to attend the funeral service, but that depends on how I feel. Honestly, I only met the woman one time years ago, but she is the grandmother of JB’s best friend…so I’m going for him.

At this particular moment, I don’t want to leave my couch, to be perfectly truthful…


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