trying to write before the silly hits.

Monkey did well at the dentist this afternoon. The tooth that he pulled has to be the biggest baby tooth I’ve ever seen. The root seems insanely long…meaning it wouldn’t have been ready to loosen up on its own for a long time. So why are we pulling teeth before they are “ready” to come out? The teeth that he has lost on his own are small, leaving small spaces…the teeth that are coming up are much bigger than the space allows, and two of them would only come in halfway. After the last tooth was pulled, those teeth came on in the way they should have months before. I suppose he inherited his “small mouth” from me. I pretty much know the kid is going to need braces one day. I had those horrible things for three and a half years, and that was after six months of wearing an expander to make my jaw bigger. I still have hope that he won’t have to deal with all of that, like I did.

I felt mostly better during the day. The pain is still there, just under my ribs, but for much of the day it has been a duller pain. Tonight, though? I broke down and took the other pain pill that my MIL sent over last night a little while ago…and that was after 30 minutes of pacing the living room with my fist pressed to my side (as if that really helps, I don’t know why I do that.) Right now, I’m not in total agony, but I’m getting a little dopey feeling from the pain pill!

I have to admit that as I started feeling a little better earlier in the day, I debated keeping tomorrow’s appointment. I apparently have this fear of a doctor thinking I’m a hypochondriac, or a doc telling me that “it’s all in my head”. I was told that back in 2006 when I knew something wasn’t right, and I just kept pushing him until he finally realized I wasn’t crazy. And lo and behold, three painful months later, I had a uterus tilted almost 90 degrees back, a fibroid right on the “top” pressing into my back, and adenomyosis. It’s definitely not like I WANT something to be wrong with me…I just don’t want somebody telling me that I’m fine, that I’m stressed, that I’m tired, that I’m a working mom with two young kids, that I have a husband with a chronic illness, etc…know what I mean?


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