It's a cold, cold day.

I had to work the whole weekend…which I wasn’t thrilled about, but at least it wasn’t insanely busy.

It was cold, however, and I kept my jacket on much of the time if I was at the desk. Yeah, I’m in the part of Georgia that HASN’T been getting snow. Instead, I just get cold and wind. Not very fair, if ya ask me. Especially when you consider that last week, temperatures were in the 60’s to 70’s. I haven’t seen snow since January 2002, and that was just morning snow flurries that melted away by noon. (and yes, I remember the date of the last time it snowed here, because a) it happens so infrequently; and b) I ran outside like a little kid and took pictures and video, and tried to wake up my almost one year old son up to see it…but he wasn’t interested in it at all. It was a big day. ha ha.

And now onto the “what the heck is wrong with Stacey” front…after mild pain Thursday, no pain Friday, and no pain Saturday morning…I couldn’t even finish lunch Saturday at work because I started feeling that now familiar twinge in my side. It lasted for about an hour, and never got nearly as bad as it was last week. Haven’t felt anything since. As I ate supper last night, the thought occurred to me that a couple months ago, I would be laying down, sitting down, basically not doing anything, and start feeling a strange “muscle jump” or a spasm in the exact spot where the pain has been occurring lately. I don’t know how else to explain it, but it was extremely uncomfortable and happened at least four times. Now I’m wondering if that was a sort of precursor to what happened last week. The exact same spot, it has to be related somehow, right?


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