Shiny and New

Well. I’m tired, and I’m taking a break! I’ve spent the last several hours getting my daughter’s room straight. The last few times it was “cleaned”, it was more like “Let’s throw everything in the toy box/closet/under the bed so Mama will stop fussing” sort of thing. Today, I kicked everyone out of the room, turned on my ipod, and just cleaned. Now let’s see how long it stays that way….

And I changed the layout here. I’m kinda tired of the dark look, so this is a little brighter. Truth be told, none of the themes that can be used at really excite me all that much. Kinda makes me miss my domain, my host, my install, my themes, my plugins, my ability to do whatever the heck I want to with it. Oh well. Maybe one day I’ll go back to that.

Now its time to curl up and be lazy, while watching as Mike does his next Dirty Job.


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