Eau De Stink

I don’t consider myself to be a rude person. (Does anybody?) And I’m anything but confrontational.

If I was either of those things, I would have sniffed around at church this morning until I found the person wearing the most offensive perfume I have ever smelled. Once the culprit was found, I would have asked them what it was called, and then let them know how much I truly hate it.

Apparently, this is pretty popular perfume, since I have been around many people who wear it. There’s a lady at work who practically bathes in it.  There are numerous people that work at the hospital who wear it, because I’m often assaulted by the scent of it in the stairwell or elevator in the mornings. About a year or so ago, my family switched the side of the church that we sit on because one lady who ALWAYS sat in front of me wore it often. The nursery worker at that time also wore the same perfume, and one particular day I had to come straight home and give my daughter a bath because she reeked of it.

It’s not even that its a horrible smell…it’s just very, very strong. And obviously, a lot of people like it. I, however, happen to be one of those people who have horrendous migraines triggered by certain smells. A lot of perfumes/lotions bother me somewhat, which is why I don’t wear perfume and use only unscented lotion…but this particular scent is the worst for me.

So now I’m downing ibuprofens trying to keep it from getting too bad…I’m totally out of my migraine medication. It’s not unbearable yet, but it’s steadily getting worse as the day wears on.

(Oh, and my loving husband, who knows how much I detest this perfume, casually walked around after church until he found the person wearing it. They were visitors…yes, I said they. There were two people wearing it, which would be why it seemed so strong to me from two rows ahead.)


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