'Kay, that was kinda funky.

It was another late night for me…I’ve got a little bit of a cold happening the last few days, and while I mostly feel fine, I have developed a cough that rivals that of the bout of bronchitis in December. No, its not that bad, but it very annoying and it kept me awake much of the night.

So imagine my discontent this morning at 6 am to hear my daughter yelling that her ear hurt.

A little history: my daughter had 10 double ear infections before she was 9 months old. We went through countless rounds of antibiotics (half of which didn’t work), the poor baby kept an upset stomach, and other issues that I won’t mention here. We pulled her from daycare for the simple fact is that at that time they could not give her the attention and care she needed, and instead they were only contributing to part of the problem. We finally got the green light to have tubes placed in both ears, and I truly believe it was the best thing we could have done for her.

About six months later, the ENT reported that one tube had fallen out, and that time would tell us if it would need to be replaced. I never saw that little tube, so we don’t know when it fell out. All I knew was that her original pediatrician had told me he could see green tubes. I often asked about the other tube during her checkups, and up until several months ago, I was told that it was no longer in her eardrum, but actually caught in a small clump of wax that would eventually make its way out. This sounded really gross to me, but I was assured that it was no harm to my daughter’s ear if it was just “hanging out”.

Well, this morning, she’s whining that her ear hurt, my husband is flipping out because there is all this goop all over her ear, I’m still half asleep, groggy, and trying to focus my eyes to see what exactly I’m looking at. I cleaned all the goop from her ear, and start working my way around to the inside of her ear, and my husband said in a really panicked ‘oh-no-she’s-shoved-something-into-her-ear-this-time’ sort of voice, “WHAT is THAT???” I peered in to see this tiny green thing sitting in her ear. After staring at it for a moment, I realized that this must be the elusive green tube, and apparently it (and its little clump of wax house) chose this morning to make its way out of the depths of my daughter’s ear.

We got it out with a pair of tweezers, and all three of us just stared at it. At 6:15 in the morning. She wanted to go on to ‘school’ today, so apparently getting the foreign object from her ear took away the pain she was initially complaining about. Kids at school, hubby at work, Mama went back to bed.

I won’t even get started on the town’s inane hour long testing of the disaster/storm alarm that started at 7:30 am…


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