The To Ignore List

I still feel, well, pretty much like death warmed over. My stupid self thought I felt better this morning, so I went on to work. I regretted it soon after, but babyland started filling up and I was obviously not going to be able to leave. I would have periods of time when I would feel okay, and then and hour or so later it was all I could do not to just lay my head on the desk and conk out.

By the afternoon, I was very much aware that I was probably not going to feel much better tomorrow. They are cracking down on call outs at work, you can only have three in a rolling four month period. I can rarely keep up with my number, and ever so often I go look it up…last time I looked I had 1 in September (I don’t remember for what), 1 in October (when I had what I later found out was salmonella…I thought it was just the stomach virus from hell), and 2 in December (when my daughter had bronchitis, and the following week when I had bronchitis). I was good in January and never called out. Then last Monday, I had the worst migraine since I had my surgery in September 2006 and in painful, unable to see or think clearly, I called myself out for that day. So, if you’re keeping score, I’m currently at my limit until after the 20th when October will get cleared out of there. Why am I raving about this? I’m on the schedule for tomorrow. I called around, and blessedly found somebody who would trade tomorrow for Thursday with me. You are my new best friend, Deb! Now I’m just praying that I will be better to work for her Thursday!

My head aches, I’m still coughing (though not as bad today), my voice sounds horrible, my nose is now raw (damn rough tissue at work.), and every ten minutes I have a sneezing fit. I crashed on the couch after I got home, and now I’m wide awake. I just took some Nyquil again, and will be heading off to bed shortly.

I’m very much looking forward to laying around in bed all day tomorrow. (that’s IF I can ignore the huge basket of clothes that needs to be folded, the even larger hamper of clothes that need to be washed, the dishes still in the sink, and the groceries that have yet to be bought this week…)

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