Valentines, schmalentines

I didn’t ignore quite everything today…I at least emptied out the dishwasher, cleared out the sink, and ran the dishwasher again.

I entertained the thought of washing a load of laundry, but that was as far as I got. And so, Mt. Laundry will grow ever larger…

I have taken so much cold medicine today that I feel like I have just been walking around here in a complete daze. I wouldn’t be so upset about that, had the cold medicine actually done its job and temporarily stopped the sneezing/runny nose/watery eyes/what ever else I’ve been doing today. There isn’t much that a person with high blood pressure can take…and so far in my experience, the cold meds that I CAN take don’t work very well…

I did make myself sit down this afternoon and work on my daughter’s Valentines for her party tomorrow. I never imagined that tucking all of those silly glitter tattoo things into the tiny slots on the cards, writing her name on all of them, folding them up and closing them with the little pink heart stickers would be so tiring. But factor in that I was doing this while continuously reaching for Kleenex and trying to see through watery eyes…and well, it was! Luckily, my son is old enough that he can write out his own Valentines cards…


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