Right ain't right

I’m having this weird issue with my contacts…er…one of my contacts, anyway.

When I got home Thursday from work, my eyes were watery and extremely itchy…the first thing I did was head straight to my bathroom to take them out. I just wore my hated glasses the rest of the night, and the next day. (by the way, have I ever mentioned how much I hate my glasses?) I made an attempt Friday afternoon to put my contacts back in, but it wasn’t working…my eyes were still feeling itchy.

Well, last night, my husband was dragging taking me to the Valentines dinner at church. There was going to be someone there taking pictures of the couples…no way, no how was I wearing my glasses. (again, do you get the feeling that I really, really hate my glasses?) So in went the contacts. They felt fine, except an hour or so later I realized something.

The one on the right ain’t right.

I can see through it fine, and for normal everyday stuff, it’s not a problem. But somebody handed me a card last night to read, and it was the weirdest thing trying to read those typed words…it’s like that one contact isn’t my prescription, like it was made for someone with much better vision that I have. I don’t know how that can be, since they come out of the same box and were all together until I separated this one from the others. Looking at the computer screen is a bit funky too…

I’ll eventually change it today. Its just that despite wearing contacts for over two years now, I still have those same eye issues (I can’t seem to locate the entry in which I detail all of them) and I have to prepare myself to go poking around my eye again so soon.


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