Call the presses…I made a scrapbook page this morning! In October 2005, I really got into digital scrapbooking. If I was at home, and I had any free time whatsoever, I was always at my computer, working on a layout. If I wasn’t actually doing a layout, I was either combing magazines for inspiration or sketching out different layouts to try. If you are into scrapbooking, my old gallery of all the layouts I’ve done is still up.

Almost a year later, I was still making pages but at a much slower pace.  I had even gotten a few of my friends hooked on it. But the problems that led me to having surgery in September ’06 had really slowed me down and I was usually too tired to even attempt making a page. I just knew that during my 6 weeks off work I would get back into it. It didn’t happen. I made two pages that whole 6 weeks, that was it.

My scrapper friends and my husband tried to get me going again, he even got me this laptop for Christmas last year with more space and memory just because he thought it would make it easier and faster for me to scrap with. Well, I’ve had this laptop for 14 months now, and this is the first layout that has been created on it! I posted that picture this morning, for Wordless Wednesday, and then I just kept staring at it. I started imagining a layout with that picture in my head, and…

Between phone calls from my mother, my best friend, the kids doctor’s office, two partial viewings of Sophie, uh, I mean The Game Plan, (if your kid watches Disney channel, you might know why my daughter calls it Sophie…) I got this page done. It’s not exactly what I imagined in my head this morning and it’s definitely not my best page, but considering that I’m a little rusty after all this time, I think it’s okay.


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