Waiting for Sunshine!

It’s been a gloomy day. It has rained the entire day, and the weather radio has been going off like crazy. It’s always been severe thunderstorm warnings, so at least there aren’t threats of tornadoes in the area like the other night.

Me and Diva have been cooped up in the house. The flu is running rampant in the 3 year old room at daycare. One of the numerous kids that have been out with it also happens to be one of my daughter’s best friends. I have been praying that my little girl doesn’t get it, although I know she’s been exposed greatly. I didn’t find out about the flu being so prevalent in the daycare until Tuesday afternoon, and she’s been home with me every day except yesterday when I had to work. I am watching her like a hawk, so if I see any sign that she might be getting sick we can get her treated. I already spoke to her ped yesterday, and he said if either kid started showing any symptoms to come in, get the swab, and he’ll treat us all with Tamiflu. He’s always been good about doing that, and the few times that one person comes down with flu, the rest of us rarely get sick.

Her teachers want me to bring her to daycare as many days as I can, because it really does help her socially. I can always tell a difference in her when she doesn’t go to daycare for a few days…she starts acting like a little monster and she reverts back to that baby babble that no one can understand. The last thing I want is any set back in her speech, it’s taken her this long to get to the point that most of what she says is understandable to me.


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