Scaling Mt. Laundry

That’s my primary job today. The mountain of laundry that inevitably piles up whenever I am sick or work several days in a row. Apparently, I am the only person in this house who knows how to operate the washing machine…< /sarcasm >

I had to make another run to the pharmacy this morning. I guess the other day when I went to get all the stuff prescribed to me (antibiotic, cough meds, decongestant, only one of which was my usual copay, BTW) to make me feel human again, refilling my blood pressure pills was the last thing on my mind. It came front and center to my mind when I took the last one today!

J. took my son to get his hair cut late yesterday afternoon. When they came home, my son walked in with purple spiked hair. OMG. Talk about a shock! Before I had the chance to say anything, he assured me that it would wash out. They did purple, because it’s my favorite color. Well, as sweet as that is, I’m not fond of purple hair. I let him keep it last night, but he is washing it out tonight. I’ll not be taking a purple spikey headed boy to church in the morning…


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