Me? Impulsive? Never.

This morning was a meeting at work… brought the Diva with me to keep her out of the flu infested daycare for a while. I am still completely amazed that we have so far dodged that bullet, since she ended up having to go for three and a half days this week. I’m seriously keeping my fingers crossed.

She behaved alright. I’m always a little nervous when I take her with me to places like that. She such an unpredictable child, I never know what she’s going to be like. I had to go to the toy store afterward anyway, to pick up a birthday gift for a friend’s daughter…so I let her pick out one toy to get. She carried this odd little keychain that played Fabulous from HSM II for twenty minutes before she let go of that to get a Tinkerbell lantern …it can also be a little nightlight. I don’t know why she latched onto this thing, but I have been hearing the magical pixie sounds so much since then my head hurts.

While we were there, I happened upon the very last Flip camera on the shelf. I have been wanting one of these little things since the first day I saw them a couple years ago. I stood there in the aisle for several minutes, holding it in my hand, debating on whether or not I should buy it…and eventually, the impulsive side of me won that short battle. I’ll just call it my early birthday present to myself, and justify the purchase that way. Hey, whatever helps me sleep at night, right? So far I have played with a bit, and I absolutely LOVE it.

I have to scale Mt. Laundry again today. I also have to fold/hang/put away last week’s Mt. Laundry. Fun times…fun times.


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