My hubby left for Orlando yesterday morning.

I have somewhat adjusted to his many trips over the years. (By adjusted, I actually mean that I don’t burst into tears, hold on to him and beg him not to go anymore.) I still don’t like these trips, for the simple fact that I really don’t like being by myself. Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know the kids are here, but it’s not the same. What if I hear a noise outside? Am I going to send my 7 year old out to inspect? Nope…I have to go!

I’m a little more used to it these days…and luckily, we knew about this particular trip in advance and I was able to schedule myself off work during the time he’s gone. If I have to work while he is gone, life has to be completely rearranged for me, the kids, and whichever poor grandmother I can convince to help me out. The bad thing is that for one day next week, the Life Rearrange will have to take place, as he has yet another trip that we just found out about…and I’m working one of those days.

The good thing about these trips? My house usually gets pretty clean…since I’m constantly trying to keep my mind off the fact that my husband is gone/traveling. Funny thing is, most of the time it also stays clean when he’s gone. Does that tell ya anything at all?


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