Blah Blah

Two trips in two weeks does not make a happy wife. I’m just sayin’.

I’m about to switch on madwoman cleaning mode, like I always do when he’s gone. It keeps my mind off the fact that he’s on the road with a gazillion idiots who can’t drive. Added to my worry is that normally, my husband is one of those gazillion idiots who can’t drive…see my problem? Lord knows I love the man, but he’s often just plain scary behind the wheel…I just buckle up, close my eyes, and pray for a safe arrival.

The funeral for my sister-in-law’s daddy is this afternoon, and in true southern fashion, the burial will be out in the boondocks somewhere. I haven’t spoken to her since her daddy passed Monday…my brother is doing a good job fending people off. He tells me that she’s been pretty much inconsolable; she was the baby and a real Daddy’s girl. She’s young, and has a lot of young (and often immature) friends, and my brother said he has been fielding many repeated phone calls from them. At first this bothered me to hear him say he was doing this, because I know they mean well and just want her to know they are there for her…but he then told me that she’d asked him to do this for her.


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