Over the…something.

My son is on his first real spend the night (not counting the ones he has at his grandparents’ homes on occasion.) He has had several friends over here to spend the night, but we hadn’t gotten brave enough to let him go somewhere. I wasn’t worried about him, it was more his mommy that had the problem with that…

I send a note to his teacher this morning, letting her know his pick up for the day would be different…the plan was for him to just ride home with his friend and his mom. I kept the phone glued to me every where I went between 3 and 3:30 pm…I had this irrational fear that something would go wrong and my firstborn would be sitting on the curb at school waiting for someone to come get him.

I’ve been a little edgy ever since…it’s very strange to go to the daycare and only pick up one child.

Well, the little joker just left from his 4th trip back home. Did I mention that his friend lives within a barely 2 minute walking distance? ha ha They wanted to get a movie from my son’s ridiculous extensive movie collection. (Oh, and I forgot to mention that my son tried to slip The Fast and the Furious into his bag this morning…apparently didn’t think his neurotic mama would check to make sure he had everything he needed.) This is a movie that was bought for us…but my son has such a thing for cool cars, my husband used to let him watch parts of it on mute or extremely low volume. His explanation: his friend, J, wanted to see it. I made him take it out, because I was sure J’s parents wouldn’t want their son to see that movie…I’ve heard them talk about what they do let J watch/read/listen to, and they have pretty strict limits. His first trip home, was to try to get that movie out of the house again. Luckily, he couldn’t find it after this morning. He took The Game Plan instead…which he brought back soon after because J. had already seen it. Then he took Ghost Rider…that one came back because it was too scary. Actually it’s not all that scary, but I see their point. I finally went back into my son’s room, opened up the cabinet on his desk and started looking for something that would pass the strict test. I handed them Over The Hedge, because surely it isn’t scary, it shouldn’t have bad words in it…at least I hope not, I haven’t watched it in quite some time. It must have worked, because it’s been twenty minutes and they haven’t come back for something else.

I almost started to feel like Bad Mama…like maybe they were thinking, “You let your child watch all this stuff?” I do limit to some degree what my children watch. Our TV is rarely tuned into anything but Disney channel. I don’t let them watch much Nickleodeon at all, because I don’t like mosts of the cartoons on it. We have a buttload of Disney movies. Yes, there are some blockbusters in there, like  the POTC  movies and Harry Potters, Transformers, such as that. If we are watching a movie, and a bad word crops up, we don’t make that big a deal of it…unless we see him react to it. Then we explain that it’s not a nice word, and that he should never say it. I guess I don’t tend to be that strict about this sort of thing because I led such a sheltered childhood with such strict parents…I don’t want to do that to my kids. And…chances are, as hard as I try not to say them, I’m sure both my kids have heard a doozy or two come out of my mouth when I’m really, really mad. I’m better about it now, but I once shocked  the you know what out of a guy I went to school with…he always thought I was nice, shy, and quiet, and was surprised to hear me ‘cuss like a sailor’, as he put it. Now I don’t just let my kids go and watch R rated movies, violent movies, etc…but now I wonder if I should be a little less relaxed about it?


2 thoughts on “Over the…something.

  1. How old is your son? I really have mixed feelings on how much to protect children, and I don’t have a clue which side of the spectrum I will chose when I am a Daddy someday. Growing up, my parents were WAY too overprotective. You know what that did to me? Made me yearn to see just why bad movies were considered bad. But my youth pastor when I was in high school let his boys who were 2 and 4 watch PG-13 and R with him and their Mom. Those kids did turn out alright, though I doubt letting a 2 year old watch R movies is wise parenting…

    Scott’s last blog post..Gimme The Rubber Walls!

  2. He’s 7. He’s pretty mature for his age, always has been. There’s a lot of stuff that I let him watch, but I don’t let my daughter watch. I’m with you, I had overprotective parents and I did whatever I had to in order to see all the movies I wanted to. I guess I don’t want my kids to be sneaky like I was.

    stacey’s last blog post..Over the…something.

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