My mother and I have a tradition of going to a local arts and craft show twice a year. We’ve been doing this since before I was married. I have actually been the bad one and missed the last two shows, either due to work or some other family issue…so it’s been a while since I have gone with her.

Today, we went to the craft show. We took my daughter along, which might have been a mistake…since she was completely bored and only wanted to sit outside and watch the cloggers. I’m not that into clogging at all, and it was frankly windy as hell today, so this did not make my mother or me very happy. But we sat with chattering teeth and hair flying everywhere to let her watch the cloggers dance to…what else…a Hannah Montana song. Uh, okay. We were at the craft show for less than two hours…usually we are there pretty much all day. Part of that might have been we were both tiring of the cranky Diva trying to dictate our wanderings, and part of it might have been that there wasn’t much there that we haven’t been seeing for years. It’s a lot of the same people, the same stuff year after year.

I usually come home with at least one purchase, but this year neither of us bought a thing…we both said the things that we wanted were things that I could make relatively easily. Mama wanted some of the crystal beaded bracelets, but thought the seller was asking too much for them. Besides, I’ve been making bracelets and necklaces for several years now…I made a cute double stranded Swarovski crystal bracelet for my daughter’s Christmas gift from her brother. I told her if she picked out what colors she wanted, I’d make her whatever she wanted. The only thing I saw that I might have wanted was a painted wood picture frame. It was pink polka dots on a white background, with a pink ribbon as a hanger…and in brown paint was written ‘my brown eyed girl’. Perfect for my daughter’s room, but I couldn’t see shelling out $65 dollars for it. Not when I can get the wood, paint, and ribbon myself and make that for much less.

Yeah, I try to be creative sometimes…now the question is, will I ever get the gumption to actually do any of it? lol


4 thoughts on “Crafty

  1. Lol! Yep, been there, done that. Thought of doing it, actually. And not always followed up. I can’t make beads (wow…you’re seriously talented) but I do fool around a lot with paper and fabric. Make that frame…maybe for your Mom? For Mother’s Day, maybe?

  2. yep, we had fun anyway. And yes, the mysterious pain went away, and hasn’t returned. The doctor told me that if it comes back, I get a HIDA scan and a appt. with a surgeon.

    stacey’s last blog post..Crafty…

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