Check, not checked

I took my daughter to get her dental/hearing/vision screen done this morning. When I called to check why it wasn’t listed as a requirement for her to register for Pre-K, but it was for the daycare’s Pre-K program, I was told that it was preferred but not mandatory to have it done before registration. And that  I had 90 days to get it done before school started…well, I know myself pretty darn well, and if you give me an inch I’ll take a mile. I figured I probably should go ahead and get it done while it was on my mind now…otherwise, I’d have that 90 days thing in my head and my serious procrastination flaw would show itself.

So we are done. I am all ready to walk into that school Monday morning and get my daughter registered for Pre-K. Birth certificate? check. H/D/V screen? check. Vaccination record? check. SS card? check. Proof of residence? check. Mommy’s sanity? uh, oh, not a check…

I had a moment of sheer panic and doubt this morning during the screen.

I have spoken before of worrying that my daughter is a bit immature for her age. At this moment she is 3 years, 7 months, and 21 days (according to the paper I was handed this morning!) By the time she starts school, she will have almost 2 months of being a 4 year old under her belt. I don’t often see it, but I’m told that she is small…honestly she doesn’t have much hope of being much bigger with her mother being only 5 feet tall and her daddy is just 5’8! I am very much aware that she doesn’t talk as well as other kids her age, and people who don’t know her see her size and hear her speaking and assume she is 2 years old. Yeah, that bothers me, but I truly believe that he speech problem is related to all her ear problems as a baby…she literally didn’t hear us well at all for several months that were really crucial for her to develop speech sounds. The primary reason I want her to go to the public pre-k instead of the daycare pre-k program is that the public school has a wonderful speech therapist that will evaluate her and (likely) get her involved with speech therapy…we know the woman and she actually lives in our neighborhood…she has heard our daughter’s speech and said she hoped we would send her to public so that she could officially help her.

Anyway. Back to the moment of panic this morning. She actually breezed right through the color differentiation screen…you know, the colored dots that form pictures. She called a crab a spider, but really, a circle with legs sticking out? It could go either way. She just said, “I don’t know, Mama” at the rabbit picture, but I wasn’t even sure that was what it was supposed to be either. She did well with the hearing screen…she pointed to the correct ear for every sound, although it took me or the nurse asking her to do it.  She didn’t do well with one set of flash cards that the nurse held up for her…I’m not sure if she didn’t grasp the directions or what, so the nurse tried something different with her. She showed a light box of pictures of hands in different directions, and she would ask my daughter to make her hand do what the picture hand was doing. She did okay with most of it, but got really cranky halfway through and buried her head in my side and refused to do anything else.

The nurse could see that I was concerned that maybe my little girl wasn’t ready for all this. She assured me that she is right where she needs to be for her age. Her pediatrician has told me the same thing, and he has repeatedly told me not to worry too much about the speech right now. A lot of people have told me that I seem to compare my two kids too much, and I likely do…not good because my son was so far ahead and mature for his age, it makes me worry so much about my daughter not being just like him.

Yes, I went a little berserk with worry when my son started school too…maybe not quite this much, but you know…


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