How my day is going so far…

I woke up (the first time) around 3 am to the deep barking of one 4 year old basset hound who sleeps directly under my bedroom window. Third time this week…

My official wake up was to a husband who says he doesn’t feel good. In the first two minutes of my morning, I can visualize my to-do list falling by the wayside…since my plan for this week was to tackle the bedroom, the very room he will likely be holed up in all day.

Then I silently praised myself on managing to not smudge my mascara when I sneezed immediately after applying it. And then immediately sneezed again, effectively rendering me into a raccoon.

I got the kids up and off to school/daycare, and headed for another school to register my daughter for Pre-K. I got there at the time I was supposed to, and still ended up in an hour long line to get in. Then I filled out repetitive paper work for twenty minutes as I sat at a tiny table in a chair far too small for my behind to sit in…

After a trip to the bank, I come home to a husband piled up in the recliner watching Maury, of all things. I have answered the normally quiet doorbell twice, first to our neighbor asking random questions about a fridge that I knew nothing about, and the second time was to the exterminator (which I also knew nothing about.) Hubby went out there for that one, and silly me, I thought he was only here for the outside of the house…so I plugged my ears with my Ipod buds and got to work in my bedroom closets while he wasn’t in there. Fifteen minutes later, I turned around and there is a man standing there in the doorway looking at me! I yanked the headphones out of my ears, and he said he’d called out when he entered the house…my husband walked in a half minute after. Secretly, I am so glad that I wasn’t dancing around or singing badly at the top of my lungs like I am often prone to doing when I’m cleaning/listening to my Ipod…while I was still trying to calm the impending heart attack at turning around to see a strange man standing in my bedroom doorway, he launched into termite control systems…uh…okay…

After The Exterminator left, hubby went to the doctor. I had time to finish cleaning out both closets in our bedroom, and have bagged up a ton of regular clothes and another bag of scrubs that I will never get into again. (Hey, it’s time to accept it…it’s been over 7 years since I have been able to squeeze into a size 6, and almost 4 years since I have comfortable squeezed into a size 8. It’s well past time to let go.) Much of this I’ll probably give to a friend, who still wears size 6 clothes after two kids, amazingly.

I now have two bags of junk/trash in the hallway to get rid of, and a box of maternity clothes and Halloween costumes that I want to put up in the attic today. To be perfectly honest, I browsed through the maternity clothes, and I’m not completely sure they are all mine, but I don’t remember who loaned them to me when I was pregnant with my daughter. I think it was my sister in law, who had no need for them ever again, like me….that might be why she never asked for them back. As for the Halloween costumes, I want to get a tote box to store them all in…I think the kids will like to see them when they get older, and well, I want to keep them!

I came across a bunch of picture frames that I have been given for gifts that I couldn’t find places for…might look at getting those out soon. I finally have space for all my many purses and bags on the shelf in my big closet, too. (And yeah, I did purge a couple that I haven’t used in forever.)

And now? I’m taking a break, and scarfing down a box of Peeps.


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