If you can't stand the heat…

get out of the kitchen house!

That’s what my husband did today. He woke up saying he didn’t feel good and he must have thought he’d enjoy a lazy day in the bed.

I guess he thought differently when he came home from the doctor’s office (diagnosis: sinus infection) and saw bags of trash and bagged up clothes sitting in the hallway outside our bedroom. Truth be told, I really would have stopped what I was doing if he would have wanted to rest in the bed. I heard him comment as he was looking at the bags that he thought he’d rather be at work! I assured him that I had no intention of asking him to do anything…but ten minutes later, he took the two trash bags out to the garbage can outside and went to work…ha ha

So since he did end up leaving the house, I got the bedroom finished. Everything is dusted, polished, etc…closets are cleaned, floors are vacuumed, and man have we accumulated some kind of stuff over the last eight years of our marriage!!! I also got three loads of laundry done in between all that, and dinner was in the crock pot most of the day, so supper was super easy. All I should have to really do tomorrow is get my bed linens washed (since I did the kids’ today) and I might tackle my husband’s dresser drawers (read: throw some holey see through shirts away while he’s not home to stop me! I tossed a few of his twenty baseball caps today, and he couldn’t even tell me which ones were missing later!)

Whew! I’m tired.


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