The one where I talk money.

We got our taxes done last week. Together, my husband and I will be getting a whopping amount of money. I don’t have a head for numbers, but I think this will be the largest refund we have ever gotten. Normally, we split the money and I have my half to do what I want. (Who am I kidding…it is always put towards paying down bills!)

Last year, however, was different. In a sense, I pretty much got bamboozled when it came time to split the money. I didn’t get any of it! J. decided to try the direct deposit thing last year, and really talked it up to me saying that we’d get the money faster, yada yada yada…and he claimed that half would go into his account, half would go into mine. (Yes, we have separate accounts, always have, always will…he’s much more free with his spending than I am. He’ll go and buy something major, like NEW TRUCKS, on a whim, and when I splurged and bought my big camera two years ago it was so agonizing for me to part with that much money that it took two months for me to just do it.) I thought the whole direct deposit split into two accounts sounded a bit off, but I thought if something went wonky with it, my loving husband would still give me my share of the money. Right? RIGHT?

WRONG! A month went by, I asked about the refund check. It hadn’t come yet. Another month went by, I asked about it. It hadn’t come yet. I forgot about it for a while, as I am prone to do when life is stressing me out to the max like it was about that time. One day in June, it suddenly occurred to me that I had never gotten any deposits into my account, and surely if we hadn’t gotten it by now we needed to call somebody and find out where our money was! I asked James about it. “Oh, you didn’t get your part in your account? I got mine a month ago.” You wanna talk about a tiny little woman going bananas on her husband! I was furious, and demanded to know why he didn’t think anything of getting double the amount he was supposed to get and never even mentioning it. I never really got a straight answer. But there were a couple of “whim purchases” made within that time frame, I can only guess that my half of the money went towards those.

So this year, I had to take our daughter to the appointment for her hearing screen the day he had the taxes done. I had every intention of going with him, but since this was the only appointment I could get before registration I had to take it. My last words to him, was “NO direct deposit this year, got it? The ONLY way we will ever do that again is if it is to MY account, because at least I would give you your money.”

I have thought it over a lot since it happened, really, I have. I have always used my tax refund money to pay down some of my debt (damn credit cards!) and I got pretty close to paying one of them off completely. Well, finances have been a little tight this year, due to my insurance rate going way up (and yet, they pay way less) and paying off hospital and doctor bills from my surgery and Diva’s VCUG and ultrasound tests, and I wound up using the credit cards to scrape by several months. I know it’s horrible, but Christmas? Mostly credit card. I regret doing it, but at the time all I could think of was giving my babies a nice Christmas. And hello? it costs an arm and a leg to fill up my truck’s gas tank these days. Without that money last year to pay some of that down, I have really struggled financially this year. And being the occasional spiteful grudge holder that I am, I like to remind my loving husband that I might not be in this situation if only I had gotten my money….

I have told J. that I think I should get the whole refund this year. His answer is almost always a grunt or eyes rolling skyward. Part of me thinks we should just half it up this year, like we always do. Half is still a nice chunk of change, after all. But then a large part of me thinks that I should get the whole darn refund, and we can go back halfsies next year. I am seriously imagining what I can do with the whole check. I have three credit cards right now, two with large balances ($5900 and $7200) and one with maybe $300 on it. I have my Jeep balance, which I was surprised to find today that I only owe $6300 more on. If I got the whole refund check, I could completely pay off the first credit card…but the second card has the higher interest rate. Or, I could almost pay off my Jeep, and that would be $330 more a month that I could put towards the credit cards. Oh, and the credit card with the $300 balance I no longer use, nor do I use the higher interest, higher balanced card either. I still occasionally have to use the card with the $5900 balance, and I want to have one around in emergencies. I don’t really know which one I should put the money to…I’m not that great with numbers like that…obviously, right?

And they say nurses have money…ha.


2 thoughts on “The one where I talk money.

  1. The advice I’ve seen always says to pay off the high-interest card first then taking that money to the next highest interest card. If those two cards are nearly the same in interest, pay off the higher balance first b/c its costing you more in interest than the smaller one (in theory). So, hows that for confusing advice from the experts??

  2. actually, it helps! I think that’s where I’ve been going, wrong, trying to pay off the higher balanced card, instead of the higher interest one. I’ve actually decided to pay off the small credit card completely, pay off a hospital bill, and put the rest towards the high interest card.

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