So much for that

After a crazy day at work, I came home to a bit of a mess.

I walked in, put my bag and jacket down, said hello to my husband, and stepped into the living room. Instead of the bouncy little girl who usually jumps up and yells “MOMMY!!!” and hugs me the instant she sees me, I found a little girl with red, watery eyes and a croupy cough that she didn’t have yesterday. She was curled up on the couch under a flannel blanket, thumb in her mouth, looking so pitiful it made me want to cry. On nights when I don’t get home from work until almost 8pm, my husband picks up the kids and focuses on making dinner…which is what he was doing tonight when I came in. So I don’t think he even realized she was there, feeling bad, and she must not have ever said anything to him.

She looked up at me, coughed, and then tried to say “Hi Mommy”…she barely managed a whisper, and then she coughed again. I don’t know if anybody else’s kids do it, but I know when my kids have a fever because their eyes look strange, almost glassy and non focused. I touched her skin and she was hot, and took her to the bathroom to check her temperature. 101! She told me her “mouth hurt”, which for her, usually means she has a sore throat. I was holding her as I walked back into the kitchen, and asked him how long she had been coughing like that (she has asthma and things hit her pretty fast…she was perfectly fine last night.) He claimed that he hadn’t heard her coughing, and had no idea she felt warm. Who knows?

After Tylenol and dinner, she got a bath and a nebulizer, and reluctantly went to bed. I went on and called myself out of work tomorrow…the doctor’s office closes early tomorrow, so I’ll need to get her on in there in the morning.  I’ve stayed up listening out, and she’s sleeping, but coughing every now and then.

And I was just thinking we had made it all the way through sick winter season with no sick kids…


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