Exhaustion sets in

Alrighty then.

The Darling Diva has the freakin’ flu. And just the other day, I was talking to a friend about how lucky my family has been this year, none of us had been sick for a few months…especially when you think about the Great Flu Epidemic in the 3 year old room of daycare a few weeks ago.

When I am sick, I prefer to be left alone. Give me a blanket, a pillow, and I tend to try to sleep it away. I don’t want anything from anybody, but if you hover over me, then I suppose you can bring me a drink. My son is very much like me in this aspect. When he had the flu two years ago, he slept so much that I was getting concerned enough to really worry…and then all of a sudden, he feels better.

My husband is a complete whiny baby when he is sick. (Sorry, my love, but you are.) 99 temp? He’s practically dying, wrapped up in a flannel blanket and following me around the house complaining about how bad he feels.

My daughter seems to be following in his footsteps. She has had three accidents today, because apparently, it is just too difficult to actually bend her legs and sit on the potty, so instead she stands on the footstool and just goes in her clothes. I finally just put her in a pull up…imagine it, then she started going normally again. My back is aching because I ended up carrying her everywhere we went today. It was like toting a 30 pound sack of potatoes, only a sack of potatoes can’t say “I’m so heavy, Mama!” The kid is as big as I am, and yet if I dared to put her down to, oh, I don’t know, WALK, I was bombarded with screams and the kid pitching an ever loving fit while firmly plopped down in the floor.  People started looking at me, ya know, like why can’t that mother control her kid?

And since we have been home, it’s been much the same thing. I’m feeling like a broken record: check temp, Tylenol, nebulizer, get her something to eat, Motrin, nebulizer, check temp, get her something to eat, fail at getting her to take a nap, check temp, Tylenol, nebulizer, get her something to eat, Motrin, nebulizer…I ended up writing all the meds down just so I could keep up with when I was giving her the stuff. Oh, and she amazingly has a darn good appetite today…probably means she won’t eat a thing tomorrow. At last temp check, she was finally down to 100.4, after hitting a high of 102 earlier in the afternoon, so it was Tylenol, nebulizer, and then by George, you’re going to bed, Missy!

She has been attached to me in some way all day. I have been sneezed on numerous times…it literally seems like she is turning her head just in time to specifically sneeze ON ME. I have washed my already dry hands so many times today they are practically raw, and it’s to the point where even putting lotion on them burns like fire. She blessedly took a short nap around 5 pm, and I was so exhausted, I did too. I’m seriously thinking about calling the doctor back in the morning and asking him to go ahead an call in the Tamiflu for me…he said he would today.

I guess I should head off to bed already. I likely have a LONG day ahead of me tomorrow…


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