The 'Pleg' is almost over

It’s Spring Break…also known as, The Kids Have Taken Over, Send Help Break.

I am missing work again today, partly because Diva is still snotty and coughing more than I would like. Nobody else would likely give her all her nebulizers the way she needs them except for me, and with her history of asthma she needs those things more than anything right now. She is obviously feeling better, because the neb treatments have once again started wiring her up…she has been dancing and singing and just generally bouncing off the walls.

I feel a little better today…just a nagging headache, but a lot more energy. Most of yesterday I spent on the couch, in between all the trips to the kitchen to give Diva her Tylenol/Motrin/Xopenex. So basically, I made a trip in there at least every two hours, and usually we got drinks or food at those times. I was so completely worn out and weak, I couldn’t stand the thought of getting up any more than that! I was a little ticked off that James spent so much time away from home this weekend, I could have used the help and a freaking nap, but to be honest I was too drained to even fuss about it. I heard him tell my mother on the phone last night then he was avoiding us ‘like the pleg’ because he didn’t want to get the flu. (Yes, he said ‘pleg’. If I would have had any more energy, I would so have been all over that…it’s plague, dear, PLAGUE.) So yes, he was fully aware that his wife was sick and taking care of his sick daughter…just so I’m clear on that…

The kids are out on Spring Break this week. Oh, Joy. Monkey finally used his gift card from his birthday and bought a Transformers PS2 game…so I’m listening to that from the back of the house. Up here, Diva is talking randomly to her imaginary friend/boyfriend/whatever and Chicken Little is on in the background. I only have two more work days scheduled this week, so while I will be saving a little money on daycare, I will probably be pulling my hair out by the end of the week…


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