Collision Course

After church today, we took the kids to the in-laws’ house. Somebody had apparently been complaining that they had not gotten enough time with them lately, and it came directly after I kept them home with me on Tuesday (their normal day to pick them up in the afternoons, but Diva had flu.) Maybe they expected me to let my flu suffering child go and play with her cousins? Um, not happening.

I went over after 4 pm to pick them up. They were all riding their bikes around under the carport. All was fine and well, and then…

Diva somehow slid off her seat, fell off the back of the bike, and hit the ground. In a split second, I saw her hit the ground, bottom first and then her head next. Then the next horrifying second, my son, who had been riding behind her and didn’t have time to stop, rolled right over her with his bike. It scared him so much that he jumped off his bike, but that left the bike laying on my daughter…her arm was up at an extremely odd angle, and she was of course, screaming. My sister-in-law and me both bolted towards her, and I yanked the bike off of her, and she picked her up.

She was crying and my sister-in-law handed her off to me…I tried to calm her down while she inspected my daughter for scrapes and whatever else may have resulted. We mostly saw a few scrapes on her arm, and one area that later bruised…there was nothing else but a few black tire marks. My biggest fear was the way her arm had been angled…I just knew it was going to be broken. It’s not…she is moving it fine. Her head didn’t really hit the ground hard, from what I could see…and she’s acting okay now so pretty sure there’s no concussion.

Once she calmed down, I had to go calm down my son. As soon as he realized he’d run over his sister, he’d jumped off the bike and was standing there bawling. He’s so tenderhearted, and he was so upset about hurting his sister. I assured him that I knew it wasn’t his fault, and that nobody was mad at him, it was just an accident. It took him a while, but he got back on his bike finally and rode around…his sister did too.

So it was a little bit of a scary afternoon here…


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