Just thinking…

Alrighty, I think I might now what is wrong with me this time. Other than I’m just falling apart, that is…

My back starting bothering me Thursday…my stomach also started feeling funny that day too. Both were so generalized, I really couldn’t pinpoint the problem. Friday, the back pain had become mostly just the left side of my back, so I really started thinking possible kidney infection…but I never showed any other signs of that. Last night, it finally dawned on me what the pain in my stomach (or rather the left side of my stomach) felt like….its just been so long since I’ve had it like this, I guess I forgot what it felt like.  I think I might have an ovarian cyst. This is something that has plagued me since soon after my son was born, but since my surgery almost two years ago I haven’t had any problems with it. Sometimes they really gave me a lot of pain, sometimes they were mostly annoying. This one is ranking right up there with the very first one that I ever had pain wise…I just didn’t remember the back pain. This morning, it occurred to me one possible reason my back is aching with it…when he did my surgery, he had to essentially stitch the ovaries somewhere so they aren’t just floating around free in there. (I asked him one day about it, because for the life of me I couldn’t see how it would be done.) So they might not be exactly where they always were, and maybe even more towards my back. I think we established a while back that even a small fibroid pointing at my back was agonizing, so that has me thinking that this may be the issue.

I could be way off, but that’s what it feels like. I’ll try to call the doctor tomorrow to get an appointment with him…I’m overdue to see him anyway, a fact he likes to remind me of lately.


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