See, I knew this.

This morning at the doctors office was relatively uneventful. Turns out, the problem is a cyst. And as per my usual history, its not a big one…its just angled more towards my back, giving me more back pain than anything else. Right now, he is not too concerned, and prefers to watch and see if it gets any bigger or if it will go away on its own. If it continues to give me grief, he can do a lap surgery to get rid of it…but I’d rather not do that anytime soon, so I totally agree with the wait and see approach. He did give me some samples of a new migraine medication, one that is actually covered by my insurance. The one that I have used for years is no longer covered and costs me mega bucks every time I get it refilled…which is one reason why I use it more sparingly than I should. Next time I get a migraine, I’ll try the new stuff and see if it works (without making me sicker, like so many of the other ones do.)

One interesting thing to note…the doc’s head snapped up really fast when he asked what medications I take daily, and I told him about the blood pressure pills. He asked me who gave those to me, and I told him. I adore this doctor, and have been with him for years, but I’ll be damned if I could make him see that  I did, in fact, have hypertension. He always brushed it away as I was a stressed out mother of two young children with a husband with a chronic illness and a stressful job. Well, all that’s true, but I got somebody else to pay attention to the fact that my mother has had hypertension since age 35, and my brother is only 27 and has it as well. Hello?


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