Point? I have no point.

This past week has been relatively busy!

Friday was the day that probably kicked my tail most. I got up early that morning and drove to work just to make copies  of a paper that had been one of my two projects for our floor’s skills day. It really bugged me that I only spent ten minutes there before rushing back home, but it was my stupid fault for (as usual) waiting until the last minute to get it done, even though I knew it was something that HAD to be done. Thursday when I tried to open it up at work to print it out, it wouldn’t work. I even sent it over to my computer geek husband, and he couldn’t even open it. I still don’t understand why this thing wouldn’t work, it was something I made in a simple program that is on most computers. Apparently, my laptop is the only stinkin’ computer that liked this little project of mine.

I made it home in time to scarf down some toast, get into a minor disagreement with my husband about the driving arrangements, and then took off for the school for my son’s field day. (We took separate vehicles, because he wanted to go straight to work from the school…which is what we had agreed on the night before, but sometime in the hour it took me to drive to work, make copies, and drive home he tried to change his mind.) My boy had lots of fun at his field day! We walked around with his best friend’s dad most of the day, the same ones who live right down the street from us. I did get to see my youngest nephew there with his kindergarten class, and speak to my former brother in law…haven’t seen in him in a long time. I was giving him a hug and asking him about his new baby boy when my SIL walked up and gave me a rather nasty look…I just ignored her and kept talking to him. I guess maybe she forgets that he and I were the “out-laws” in their family and we always got along.

After the field day was over, J. headed off for work. I went home, got a shower, and changed clothes for the thing at work. Me and A. did our board project together, and because of field day she took the morning shift and I would take the afternoon one. I got there a little after 1 pm, and pretty much just sat in a corner of the room bored to tears. It wasn’t like I had to actually do anything, I just had to BE there. I cut out of there at 5 pm. Longest. four.hours.ever.

Then I had to work today. I don’t like working weekends at all (who does?) and lately its been bugging me much more than usual because most weekends I end up working, I sit there with one or two patients and that’s it. There’s not much sense in them paying a nurse to sit there with that kind of patient load, but the weekend charge nurses don’t like sending people home. Recently, the higher ups have started coming down on them for that, and as a result some of us week day people are getting called out on weekends that we were told we had to sign up for…making us dip into our vacation hours. Its not fair, so on the latest schedule I just filled out for myself, I didn’t sign up for a single weekend shift. That might come back to bite me, but its not right to short the week days and then sit there and twiddle my thumbs and read a book on the weekends. Oh, wait, I guess I went off on a tangent there…today was just one of those such days, and I had gotten my two patients settled, and after lunch I got my book out and started reading. Around 2 pm, the charge nurse came out and said that I could report off my patients to two other nurses, and I could go home. Woo hoo! I visited both my girls for the last time, and got one to sign her discharge papers since she was going home around 7 pm anyway, gave report and I took off.

I have spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, and nappin’….since J. is out doing yard work and the kids are at my mother-in-law’s house swimming. And to think, I would have just now been clocking out of work any other day…


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