Oh well.

On my way home from work every evening, I drive right by a car lot as I come into town. Occasionally I will glance in that direction if they have something right there in the front that catches my eye.

For the last two weeks, it has been the bright blue Jeep Wrangler that I have been looking at, that has been parked right there on the very front of the lot. I have purposely NOT pulled into the lot to look it over because I know I would get the itch to really want it if I did.

I want a Wrangler in the worst way, but I am making myself hold off on getting one until the young’ins are out of carseats. Because lets face it, a Wrangler is not exactly the most practical vehicle for a mom with two young kids. My husband tells me that I just get a four door Wrangler…but I have not liked those since they started making them. For me it will be the regular two door or nothing. I have wanted one for years, and so far the closest I have gotten is my beloved Liberty.

I pull up in the church parking lot this morning, and the first thing my eyes land on is that very bright blue Jeep. A friend of ours bought it yesterday afternoon! So, it won’t ever belong to me, but maybe I can con him into letting me go for a ride in it…


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