I went to the beach this past weekend with some friends from work. Some of them had gotten there Thursday and Friday staggered, and my best friend and me got there on Saturday. They were already on the beach when we got there. As me and M. walked up, I noticed they were set up next to a bunch of young guys, which I thought was odd. I found out later that the guys had set up camp next to them and not the other way around. After we were there about an hour, the guys pretty much invaded. Turns out they were all college guys at Texas A&M. I still am not sure why they seemed so taken with us, especially since we were all very up front about being married moms with young kids. All I can say is that they provided a good bit of drunken entertainment, but I have to admit I was getting really tired of hearing one guy repeatedly tell me that he loved my accent and that there was NO WAY MAN that I could be 31.

We found out much later that they were staying in the same condo building we were…AND they had somehow figured out what room number we were in. I thought that was very strange, but didn’t think much of it. We all went upstairs around 5 pm, got showers and got ready to go out to dinner.  After dinner, we came back to our condo for a couple hours…then six of us went out to a sports bar for karaoke until around midnight. When we got back, the two older women that came on the beach trip but stayed home from the sports bar told us that the college boys had called and came to our room wanting to know if some of us could go out. For crying out loud, I have no idea what that deal was about. But it made me glad I had gone out with the girls instead of staying in the condo!

Anyway. I got  a serious sunburn on my legs, feet, and shoulders…so much so that I have been walking around today in the loosest clothes I have  and NO shoes. I have to head back to work tomorrow, and I’m really not looking forward to putting on shoes!


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