I have 2 school kids

When did that happen?? It’s like I have known that this year would be different because my daughter would be in school, but coming home after leaving both of my babies at big kid school is a little bit depressing!

She was so excited this morning to put her book bag on, grab her princess lunch bag from the fridge, and put her tag showing her name and what hall she was on. The tag immediately came off once we were on the way there, she wasn’t feeling it anymore. When we got to the school, she dragged along, getting whinier the closer we got, and I was really getting nervous that she wasn’t going to do well today. We ran into one of her best friends with her parents, and once I showed her that she had her tag on too, Diva was all for that silly tag, and it was suddenly cool again. She continued to drag down the hallways, so my husband decided to wait with her while I took Monkey to his classroom. He went in just fine, of course, made a big fuss out of me wanting to take a picture when he went in, so I didn’t get one. 😦 Then we rushed to get to the other side of the school to take Diva to her room. She very slowly walked in, I almost tripped over her twice trying to coerce her to her seat. Then I almost tripped over the Hello Kitty book bag that she had flung down at my feet! Got her situated at her desk, and then made my way to the back of the room. The teacher got each child to bring their bags and showed them where to hang them, and then paper and crayons were passed out. After about 15 minutes, we slipped out of the room…she was doing just fine now!

I’m probably going to be keeping myself very busy today, to take my mind away from wondering what they are doing on their first day…


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