Its been a long week. We did end up going to the ER Monday afternoon, which I absolutely hated to do…but there were no doctor’s offices open and I was miserable. My husband was also starting to get sick, AND he had a touch of food poisoning that hit him late Sunday night. They are treating me for a “severe sinus infection”, but I still think it was strep or something like that. I’ve NEVER had a sore throat that bad in my entire life. Anyway, I finished up my first round of antibiotic this morning (I have to wait 5 days, then refill the antibiotic for another 5 days). My throat no longer hurts, unless I have a serious coughing fit (which I am still prone to do occasionally, especially at night when I am trying to sleep). So naturally, I’m still not sleeping all that great, but otherwise I feel so much better than I did the beginning of the week.

Diva has her first field trip with her Pre-K class today. Nothing snazzy, just to a pizza place…which wouldn’t be a big deal except that my child absolutely HATES pizza. So we had to send along a PB&J sandwich so she’ll have something to eat when she surely refuses to eat the pizza all her friends are eating. I can’t wait to get her home so she can tell me all about it!


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