Pink. Day 2

I was afraid to open my eyes this morning. They both felt really, really heavy…my first thought was “Oh no, the pink plague is in the other eye too…” and then I wondered if it might just feel that way because I’d only managed 4 hours of sleep.

It must have been the lack of sleep. Right eye is still fine. Left eye was still pretty darn pink when I first looked at it this morning, but it’s looking a little better this afternoon. I’ve actually been doing a lot of reading today, since I don’t need my glasses to read. Those things are annoying me so much. I remember now exactly why I hated wearing them all the time.

I called my boss earlier, and explained the whole thing to her. She said at least 24 hours on antibiotics should be enough, but that she would talk to the manager to double check and let me know if I can come back tomorrow. Still no word on that yet.


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