More Pink.

Its been one heck of a day. I’m glad it’s about over, that’s for sure.

Work was okay. My eye is looking better. It feels fine, just gets itchy from time to time. Still irritated that I’m not able to wear my contacts, but I did manage to get an appointment with my eye doc (apparently they finally got approved with my insurance. only took me rescheduling for 3 months before finally getting somewhere.)

But. You know there’s got to be a but in there somewhere. The first time I really got a good look at my son, I immediately noticed his eye was pink. My husband initially tried to tell me that he’d been playing with his friends and was rolling around in the grass, but I didn’t believe that for a moment. Especially after my son told me that this morning he felt like he “had sand in his eye” and “water poured out of it” when he woke up. So I quickly informed him that he would not be going to school tomorrow, and I’ll be calling the doctor first thing in the morning to get some eye drops for him.

I have talked to him about how important it is to wash his hands a lot, especially if he touches that eye, and I made sure to remind him to wash his good eye first then his bad eye last in the shower. I’m praying that it doesn’t get in both eyes, and that our daughter doesn’t get this too!


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