It’s been an interesting few days around here.

We went to a Halloween party Saturday, and most people attending were dressed up in costumes. I personally have not put on a Halloween costume since I was in my early teens, when I would dress up to give out candy to the 5 or 6 trick or treaters we got at my parents house. Then I got bored with it and didn’t dress up anymore, and a few years later I had a boyfriend to go hang out with instead of staying home šŸ™‚ It was fun, and now we have another Halloween party coming up next weekend, also a dress up thing. The problem with that one is that I’ll be going to it directly after work, so I need something a little easier to get into than what I wore this last time! I have a couple ideas, but nothing set in stone yet.

Monkey’s pink eye cleared up very quickly, much faster than mine did. I finally got brave enough (or sick enough of my glasses) to put my contacts back in Saturday afternoon. All has been well and good, and then this morning I woke up and my right eye felt a little strange. I haven’t yet decided if the pink eye is back or if it’s a little red because I haven’t slept much or my allergies have been going crazy lately. It’s not especially red or anything, I’m just super paranoid about it now…so contacts are gone, glasses are back, and I’m trying the eye drops I used for Monkey, since his cleared up so much faster before. Just in case. I absolutely cannot miss any more work right now, and the chances of me managing to find someone to cover me a third time is slim to none!


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