Its an ordeal for me…

I finally got into to see the eye doctor this morning. I was actually supposed to see him in August, but because my stupid insurance company couldn’t get their crap together, I kept having to reschedule my appointment. Four times I had to reschedule it! Each time I was told that they were working to get the insurance issue straightened out, and that I wasn’t the only person having trouble. Well, that’s great, but in the meantime I’m having to really stretch out how long I’m wearing my contacts and the pink eye debacle a couple weeks ago resulted in me throwing two pairs away. This left me with the one pair that I had in today.

Needless to say, when the doctor came in a made a crack about it having been over a year since I’d been in to see him, he got a fairly nasty glare back as an answer.

So. Today’s eye exam revealed what I already suspected…my eyes are a smidge weaker than last year. He actually said there was a change last year from the year before, but it was apparently so small that neither he nor I saw the need to change the prescription for my contacts. Well, this time it seemed significant enough to me to ask for a change. What I didn’t realize is that apparently, my left eye is weaker than the right. Why does everything happen to my left eye?? That’s the one my son tried to gouge out years ago. Its also the one that started with the whole pink eye junk. Now its the weak one.

My eyes haven’t been dilated and checked in over 3 years, so it was overdue that I let him do that. I was sitting in a separate room waiting for the drops to take effect, reading a magazine, and then all of a sudden I couldn’t see a damn thing I was trying to read. So I gave up and just sat there until the doctor came back to get me. More extremely bright lights to the eyes and then he gave me a new pair of contacts to try. These are the same kind that I have always worn, but now I have a stronger lens for my left eye. Now that the dilation has finally worn off, I think I like this a lot better. He didn’t want me ordering my year’s worth of contacts today until I was sure I was okay with wearing two different strength lenses…but so far I’m very much okay with it. I don’t feel like I’m squinting to compensate for the weaker eye now. I’ll probably call them tomorrow or Friday and tell them to go ahead and order all my contacts. And then I’ll be done with them for another year.


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