It's raining, it's pouring…

This is my last day off for the week. I have rather enjoyed having four whole days off to myself, although technically I was on-call Tuesday. And really, tomorrow I’m only working 8 hours instead of the full 12…we have the adults only Halloween party tomorrow night, and I managed to get someone to cover the last four hours of my shift.

Today is going to be a relatively lazy day. I worked like a dog yesterday to get the house in order, because I have seriously been slacking in the housework department lately. One reason I was doing this is because I’m determined to somehow convince my family that a nice clean home is much better than one that’s messy all the time. Another reason is that we were supposed to have an appraiser come to the house today…we are refinancing and they needed  a more recent appraisal than what we had. But because of all the rain, the appraiser had to reschedule, because she wouldn’t be able to do her outside work. So that’s been pushed to Monday afternoon. Maybe I can keep my kids rooms cleaned up until then…


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