Halloween Party

My husband and I had a night to ourselves, and we went to a friend of mine’s Halloween party. This has been an interesting holiday for me this year, since I haven’t dressed up for it in years, and this year I have dressed up twice in two different costumes!

I came very close to changing my mind about wearing this costume, though. I got it because it looked to be a lot easier to get into than the Morticia costume I wore a couple weeks ago…that one took a good hour and a half to get done up for. It was hard to find an adult costume that didn’t look, well, hoochie…and this was much better than some of the other ones I looked at. But then I was paranoid that it would be too short and show too much and yada yada yada…my husband finally convinced me to go ahead and wear it, and it wasn’t as short on me as it would be on someone taller. So I wore it, and it ended up being much more comfortable than the other costume anyway.

Halloween Party

My husband got a different costume at the last minute…I had thought he was going to just be Gomez again, but Friday he came home with this weird ghostly groom costume…personally I think he was itching to put all the crap on his face and look somewhat scary. My husband really gets into it, too. He looked downright creepy to me when he was finished.

Halloween Party

We had so much fun at the party. I love hanging out with my friends, and luckily my husband doesn’t mind hanging out with these people and gets along with the husbands too. (that always makes it easier, doesn’t it?) I might have had a tad too much to drink, but thankfully I did have the presence of mind to cut myself off a good few hours before we left the party, since I, uh..had to drive home. There’s one picture they got of me and the girls, everyone had a bottle in their hands and then I was holding a Dr. Pepper…ha ha.

I am now debating if I want to dress up on Halloween night. Not necessarily to take the kids trick or treating, because I’m not about to walk around our neighborhood in heels. But after the kids have visited the few houses we take them to (so people can see them, pretty much) we hang out at my in-law’s house and a good number of people tend to be dressed up there. I’m still thinking on that…


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