Lazy Day

I am home again today because of low census. This seems to be the norm lately, I’ve only been getting in 2 days a week for three weeks now! I was in that half awake state this morning when the phone started ringing at 5 am. I fumbled my way across the nightstand to answer it, and while trying to find the button in the dark I dropped the phone on the floor. By the time I managed to answer it, the answering machine in the kitchen had come on, so I had to listen to that before I could say hello and have the person actually hear me! I was talking to her as I was making my way to the kitchen to turn the machine off, and I could hear our whole conversation out loud through the machine.  So I didn’t really have the most pleasant wake up this morning.

My husband decided to stay home today. He said he didn’t feel good when he woke up this morning. Lucky for me, he hasn’t really asked for much from me. He slept on the couch a while, and he’s been in our room sleeping for the last couple hours. Not sure what’s going on with him, he doesn’t seem to be running a fever or anything. Who knows?

I’ve spent the morning getting caught up on some of shows that were on the DVR…I barely watch shows these days when they are actually on, because I get a little ticked off when I try to fast forward through commercials and it tells me ‘Live TV’…


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